NO-FIRE line

NO-FIRE is a range of fire retardant coatings for wood offering maximum protection from fire, directly certified by the Minister of the Interior. Products have passed the requirements dictated by current laws, obtaining a CLASS 1 FIRE REACTION according to CNVVF/Uni 9796 Italian regulations.

Both clear and pigmented NO-FIRE coating cycles assure technical and aesthetic characteristics and performance comparable to those of traditional polyurethane cycles.

The performance of NO-FIRE cycles are tested according to the following Italian regulations:

  • Cold liquid resistance (UNI EN 12720/97)
  • Light resistance (UNI 9427/89 - 20 hours)
  • Scratch resistance (UNI 9428)
  • Temperature fluctuation resistance (UNI 9429)


The NO-FIRE line for wood items consists of:

  • Fire retardant white base coat
  • Fire retardant white matt top coat
  • Fire retardant clear polyurethane base coats
  • Fire retardant clear polyurethane top coats