The CDTI (Centro de Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial) has supported, through its PID programm, an innovative wood coatings development project with the objective of increasing in a sustainable way the safety of habitable areas.  This project has been cofinanced with FEDER funds from the European Union and the reference of this project is IDI-20151051.

This project, after its starting one year ago, has accomplished all the objectives expected and, thanks of the support of the CDTI and the FEDER funds cofinanciation, we have been able to dedicate more resources to speed up the results achievement and thus, it has become an encouragin effect in our company.

The result of the fullfilment of the first year of this R&D project has been the development of a new wood coatings with a substantial reduction in combustion smokes. The “s” (smoke) factor has been reduced from s2 to s1 according with the Euroclass Fire Resistance Classification.  These products are unique in the market and guarantee an improvement of the safety in habitable areas.

The objective of this project is to improve the air quality in habitable areas and, therefore we go on researching in this second year of the project to develop products with low emissions  that fullfil the EN-ISO 16000 Classification.

This news has been published to accomplish the Annex XII, Section 2.2 of the 1303/2013 EU Regulation.