New waterborne white matt finishes coffee resistant
(HGR6167 - HGT6102 Series/Gloss)

The resistance to coffee is a highly selective requirement that is now part of many specifications for the selection of coatings, and it is particularly important in white or pastel colors coating cycles for tables and flat surfaces of environments such as the kitchen.

IVM Chemicals has enriched its range of waterborne matt finishes with:

HGR6167: bicomponent topcoat with high resistance to coffee and maximum chemical and physical resistances.

HGT6102 Series/Gloss: A series of monocomponent topcoats, which maintain the same performance of resistance to coffee and are recommended to those looking for maximum ease of application.

The HGT6102 Series/Gloss and HGR6167 finishes fully meet the strict requirements of the IKEA IOS MATT 0066, the quality standard in the furniture industry.​ 

They are suitable for industrial coating cycles for pigmented matt doors, tables and consoles, bookcases and shelves, tables and desks. They can be customized in terms of color and gloss level.