Sanding paper

  • 80-120-grit: is used to completely remove the old, worn-out paint from wood.
  • 150-grit: is used to prepare raw wood for paint application.
  • 220-grit: is used to remove small imperfections and to ease the adhesion of the stain layer on already coated wood.

Brush with synthetic bristles

The synthetic bristle brush is the easiest tool for paint application. It allows spreading the product with care, and it can be chosen in the most suitable size. After use, the brushes are cleaned with water.

Spray gun

This application tool is chosen by experienced users. It ensures uniform paint distribution in a short time, but it should be used taking care to protect floors and surrounding surfaces by sprayed product fallout. After use the spray gun is cleaned with water.

Clean cloth

It is used to remove any residue of sanding or other impurities from the surface to be coated, to prevent them from remaining trapped in paint, and creating unsightly flaws and irregularities on the finished surface. It is also used to remove excess stain from wood, a few minutes after application.

Neutral Detergent

It is used in all situations where it is enough to clean the item thoroughly before applying the product. It is advisable to dilute a small amount of mild soap or detergent in water, and use a soft sponge for cleaning. Dry thoroughly before proceeding with product application.