The regenerating oil BIM100, specific for products coated with solvent-based products, nourishes, tones, renovates and protects the wooden doors and windows deteriorated by wear and tear.


The regenerating oil BIM100 has a capacity of 12m2 per can of 0,75l nad of 38m2 per can of 2,5l.


It is applicable with a clean cloth or brush.


Varnished wood:

  • If in good condition, clean with mild detergent.
  • If you have minor imperfections, sand with 320 grit paper.
  • Clean the surface with a cloth to remove any sanding residue.
  • Apply one coat of rejuvenating oil.
  • To donate to the surfaces improved wear resistance and enhance the beauty, leave to dry for 8 hours, and then apply a second coat of rejuvenating oil.


Bim100 incolore