Milesi Brico Line products for interiors are water-based; they do not cause disagreeable odours or emissions, dangerous for the environment and health: this makes them ideal for non-professional use. They offer solutions to enhance, protect and recover the beauty of furniture and furnishing elements, with high quality aesthetic results.



  • Stir well before use.
  • Store at temperatures not lower than 5 ° C.
  • Apply at temperatures not lower than 10 ° C.
  • Keep the can tightly closed.
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Waterborne stains for interior decoration

The BAS200 series waterborne stains for interiors decorate and enhance wooden furniture. They are ready to use and odourless.

They are available in 16 different colours, from natural wood to pastel colours, and they can be mixed:
• together to obtain custom colours;
• with water for lighter shades.

The colours are light resistant and lasting over time.

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Waterborne sealer for interior decoration

The clear, waterborne sealer for interiors BAB100 is used to prepare the surface for the application of the top-coats series BAT1000. Easily hand-sanded, it has excellent filling power on wood flaws and pores.

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Waterborne clear top-coats for interior decoration

The waterborne, clear top-coats for interiors series BAT100 enhance wooden furniture and protect it from wear and from the fading and yellowing effect of light. They are available in three different glosses.

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Waterborne natural-effect matt top-coats for interior decoration

The waterborne top-coat for interiors BAT1017 protects furnishing items, giving the wood a unique, natural matt effect, without altering the grain appearance.

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Waterborne white satin-finished top-coats for interior decoration

The high covering, white, waterborne top-coat for interiors BAT2003, gives wooden furniture attractive satin finish and protects it from the fading and yellowing effect of light.